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Our range of Dental Prosthetics for treating severe hard tooth tissue loss, tooth wear, or cosmetic tooth treatments can ensure a higher quality of treatment and more reliable prosthetic fittings for your dental practice. We have a wide range of different prosthetic parts, allowing you to ensure the best fit for your patient for a range of bridge, crown, and veneer fittings.

Lab Analog Dental Implant

Lab Analogs

Impression Coping Open Tray Dental Implant

Transfers - Impression Copings

Healing Abutment for Dental Implant

Healing Abutments

Temporary Dental Abutment Dental Implant

Straight Abutments

MegaGen AnyRidge Angle Abutment for Dental Implant

Angled Abutments

Premill blank for arum machine

Premilled Blanks

Ball attachment for Dental Implant

Ball Attachments

Over Denture Locator for Dental Implant

Over Dentures

MegaGen AnyRidge OCTA

Octa Systems

Multi Unit Multi-Unit system for Dental Implant

Multi Unit Systems

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