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Spiral Dental Implants for Hex connection system

Made from Titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V ELI(Grade 5)

Spiral dental implant

2.45mm Hex with 90° Connection

1-72 UNF thread

Choose the implant diameter: Ø3.75/Ø4.2/Ø5.0/Ø6.0

Choose the implant length: 6mm/8mm/10mm/11.5mm/13mm/16mm

Length for Ø6.0 diameter implants are: 8mm/10mm/11.5mm/13mm

Surface treatment type: SLA - Aluminum oxid sandblasting and acid etching

Include double-sealed package

All our implants are after GAMA radiation

Compatible with: Zimmer, Biohorizon, Implant Direct, MIS, Alpha Bio, Adin, AB dental, Cortex, etc...

The design of the implant made by surgeons and medical engineers

We have positive reviews for more than 8 years

Top clean and the best BIC that you can get

Zimmer 3.5 Spiral Dental Implants for Hex connection system


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