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MegaGen AnyRidge Scan Post 9mm or 13mm length + Screw

  • AnyRidge® Conical Connection System
  • This is an identical design 1:1 like the original part
  • Original Cat numbers: AANISR4009T ; AANISR4013T
  • The same library as MegaGen® AnyRidge™ can be used
  • Dimensions: Diameter 4.0mm; Length 9mm/13mm
  • Regular Platform – One Connection System
  • Compatible With: MegaGen® AnyRidge™
  • Fixation Screw M1.8 is Included!
  • Material: Titanium Ti-6AL-4V-ELI Grade 5
  • Surface finish: sandblasting with Aluminium oxide(The area shown in the picture) 

MegaGen AnyRidge Scan Post Scan Pin L=9mm and L=13mm


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